Thursday, December 15, 2011

COME ON IN and join me for a cup of Coffee, Tea or spiked Egg Nog!

CONGRATULATIONS TO WANDA H. she has won this cute coffee cup and gift card!
I made these 'coffee mugs' for several people who needed just a special touch for the gift card holders that they were sending out.....Leave a comment and I promise one special person will receive one with a $5.00 gift card to their favorite coffee house!

Recipe for card....
Fold a piece of dark card stock in half, cut with 4" on the fold down to bottom of cup to 3"
Cut sleeve 2x4 1/2 and crimp with your crimper....this will be slighty larger, but that's OK. Trim once you place on card.
Cut a piece of white 4 1/4x2 1/2, score at 1 1/4
Attach a piece of 3x2 and glue on just the sides and bottom for the gift card holder.
Use any embossing folder to add texture to cup.

Recipe for Egg Nog...
1 c. purchased egg nog...who has the time for the real stuff, when this is just as good
1/2 c. bourbon....OK MAYBE NOT 1/2 c. but wouldn't that be fun....3oz ya wimp


  1. Such a fun card. I need to make one for my sister for the Barnes and Noble card I got her for Christmas. I think she spends more money in the coffee shop than she does in the bookstore! :D

  2. Adorable!!! I just started to follow you :-)

  3. Oh how I wish I could join you in real life for a cup or two of coffee. This is just a teriffic card! I know people who go to starbucks two times a day!!! I thinks that's why they act so crazy. Thanks Barbie!

  4. I really like this card. Very cute. I'm a follower now.