Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Ok, so I had these grand illusions of surprising our new neighbors with this miniature version of their new home, from the Winder Wonderland cart. Oooh myyy gooosh! Was it a royal pain in the arsh. With almost 2 house into this construction of cutting, scoring and gluing all these tiny pieces together I had enough of it!
Even though I designed it with the Fit To Page button, it was still very difficult to adhere all the tiny pieces together.
I reluctantly finished it, and not too overly pleased with it, I decided "How could I ever give something like this to our new neigbhors." "Come on now, after all I want them to think I perfect". Barbie is now ROTFL :)
But before I did, ROTFL, Barbiezilla came through, and well you can see what happen next.

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